Sheffield Museum

I went into the Weston Park Museum for a few simple reasons: the brand was clean and they used ITC Avant Garde Gothic (my favourite typeface) for the body text. Appearances mean a lot in the design world and I tend to judge something based on how it looks. If an advert uses Comic Sans then I get an impression on what I have to look forward to - usually nothing.

The museum itself was very enjoyable. Free entry and an exhibition on house-dwelling critters. It was its typographic choices that did it for me though and as a result, I read every segment of information on the walls.

The brand itself is quite striking. It's been weeks now since I went to the museum and yet I've just drawn an accurate representation of the logo. It has to be one of my most liked.



Enough said.

Agency: TBWA


200 Toshiba digital cameras
2.5 million individual shots
20,000 gigabytes of data
60 seconds of outstanding advertising

Honda and Sony have dominated the realm of creative advertising (with extremely good reason) for the past few years. Now there's a new contender on the block.
First saw this at the cinema and was blown away by what was accomplished - I think the size of the cinema screen coupled with the immaculate effects gave this a more powerful edge. The more avid Matrix fans may recognize the technique used for this and you'd be right, it's essentially the same technology but with added oomph.

This is the type of work that you would dream of doing with a large design team and commercial sponsoring behind you.


Mark Mawson

Found this artist through a combination of serendipity and Professional Skills research (proof to show that something good could finally come out of something dreadfully dreary).

These pictures are from a series aptly named 'Aqueous.' Created by simply pouring paint into water and capturing the result on camera - need to be quick as these shapes only maintain their form for a split second before diluting to make a bland looking concoction.

Interpreting these images are like looking at clouds - different people see different things.
The second one down, I see swarms of sperm and the one lucky one looking at the egg yet to be conquered.
The third one down, I can see a jellyfish.

This is what I like most about this, it's such a simple idea, no doubt we've all done similar things with fruit squash and water when we were kids. The results are, dare I say, beautiful.

See more at www.markmawson.com




Seb Lester

Screen printed with metallic silver on 240gsm Plike, I was fortunate enough to own one of these from its limited and final edition in the series.

Seb Lester excels at using typography to create pieces that are more than words.

See also "Keep It Simple"


One second.
....Oh there's a woman swimming
Two seconds.
....There are sharks swimming around her yeah okay
Three seconds.
Four seconds.
....She's a goner - sharks can smell blood miles away
Five seconds.
....Oh, I see

Photograph: Vincent Dixon