Advertising Is Dead! Long Live Advertising!

I'm not going to lie, I bought the book because of the name. I enjoy anything that looks niche or quirky so I jumped at it on the shelf.

I have a passion for Ambient Advertising: it's the medium that'd I'd like to specialize in after HOPEFULLY graduating from Leeds Uni.

It's exciting. Knowing that an idea you have doesn't have to be confined to the traditional formats of the 48 Sheets etc is a concept I was introduced to a few years ago and haven't stopped wanting to learn about. I can concede that sometimes the traditional mediums can perform better but I know which of the two I'd rather stumble across on an amble through town. Once again, I've put up examples of the most effective from the book....

In my opinion, the most effective piece of ambient advertising. Located "outside the main gates of the Big Day Out, New Zealand's largest outdoor music festival, a girl pretending to have just been dumped invited girls to smash her ex's car with a sledgehammer. This simple idea to draw attention to nzgirl, an online magazine for girls, generated much word of mouth during and after the festival." Who wouldn't enjoy smashing up a car with a big hammer?

This one works quite well too.

This book features the cream of the crop and I can never go a day without looking back through it.

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