Rationale: ‘a set of reasons or a logical basis for a course of action or a particular belief.’ I knew from the start of this blog brief that a rationale needed to be written on the topic of inspiration. However, I decided early on that I wasn’t going to go looking for things that I would find inspirational. Instead, I’d look in the way of fortunate stumblings. Almost take a serendipitous approach, a series of fortunate accidents. This could be the wrong approach, and I could lose marks because of it, but it’s the way I’ve been inspired for years. You can’t plan a logical course of where you’ll find your next influence. So, with a head like a sponge, I just began soaking up whatever was around me.

It appears that the sources of my inspiration don’t just come from the Internet, thankfully. I won’t neglect the fact that it has served a purpose for the ‘Website’ category and finding adequate images, but I haven’t been dependent on it. I’ve drawn inspiration from the most obscure of places: walking though different cities, sitting on my arse in the lounge watching telly, even misspelling intended pools of information on search engines has proven useful. Seems that inspiration can literally come from anywhere. Design-related publications like Creative Review, Dirty Mouse, Computer Arts and Design Week have obviously been good sources because of the subject matter.

Inspiration: ‘the process of being mentally stimulated to do something creative.’ It’s the true mark of finding something that leaves an impact; if it encourages you to make an impact of your own. Pleased to say that what I’ve found has encouraged some elements in my portfolio. The Patrick Hughes work influenced my play on perspective for D&AD, the Woman’s Aid campaign has encouraged me to do a more aggressive personal project for the Samaritans, and Seb Lester and Alison Carmichael have helped me create something more appealing for this one week brief that’s been set.

Even though the deadline is coming up soon, this doesn’t mean that the blog isn’t going to develop further. I’ve never been a keen blogger; I’ve never used MySpace or BeBo so this was my first taste. I’ve looked on other people’s blogs for this brief and I have found new avenues which I probably never would of found otherwise. It's a renewable source, and one which I intend to pool from from now on.

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